Decorating Your Small Space

Decorating small apartments and rooms is a lot more challenging but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck settling for understated design.  You can make small spaces looking good while at the same time not making your house looking like it was built for Barbie.  Here are some tips for decorating your small space.

Use lighting strategically

Small spaces are often dark so make sure there is lots of light.  Dark and heavy curtains are great for sleeping but they also make the room seem smaller and darker, so don’t block the natural light.  If you’re able to leave the windows bare that’s even better.  However, sheer curtains will give you some privacy while still letting in the natural light.  Use lighting strategically with more lamps on tables and less on the ceiling.

Mirrors make the room bigger

Mirrors will reflect light and they are an inexpensive way to create more space.  Take one wall and hang a large mirror, it can serve as the focal point of the room while at the same time making it look bigger.

Get some storage

Dual purpose furniture such as ottomans and trunks give you the space to store things you don’t need everyday.  There are also coffee tables that have shelves so again you can have a bit of extra space. Here are some creative storage space ideas.

Layout your living room

When you live in a one bedroom apartment, small condo or a loft you’re living room becomes a catch all for everything.  It turns into your office, dining room and living room at the same time.  Try and separate out these spaces as best as you can, cluster the living room furniture together so you have one living space.

Keep it clean

Clutter in a small space looks 10 times worse than it actually is, it makes your space look much smaller than it is.  Take the adage “less is more” to heart and box up the tchotchkes that take up valuable real estate in your home.  Clean off the coffee table and whatever you have on your book shelves cut it in half.  In the kitchen, keep it clean and put the dishes away.

Use lighter colored paint

Choose lighter colors and while you don’t need to choose white but use softer colors instead.  Cream, light blues and greens can help make your space look bigger.  Try and continue the paint color throughout your apartment, it tricks your eye into believing the space is larger than it actually is.  Your line of sight stays uninterrupted making two smaller rooms looking like on big one.  Here is a video to show you how that works.

Decorating your small space doesn’t have to be that hard, keep these tips in mind and you can still have a stunning home that is both warm and inviting,

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Quick and Easy Bathroom Upgrades

The bathroom is one of the most commonly renovated rooms, understandably so after who wouldn’t want to relax in a spa tub after a long day at work.


If you live in an apartment or not having the budget to gut your bathroom, don’t despair you can still make it look good.  Here are some quick and easy bathroom upgrades you can accomplish in an afternoon or at most a weekend.  You can give your bathroom a face lift and spend less than $100 doing it and the best part…no contractor is required.

Here are quick and easy bathroom upgrades:

  1. Get new accessories. You can head off to your favorite bath store and grab a new accessories to spruce up that vanity.  Find a unique looking soap dish, instead of a tooth brush holder use a mason jar.
  2. Get rid of the clutter. If your countertop is filled with make up, half a tube of toothpaste and other clutter, it is time to clean it up.  Grab some stylish bottles and containers, it if isn’t an absolute necessity stick in the medicine cabinet.
  3. Get some artwork for the walls. Add some pictures to the walls or around the vanity, find art that can handle the humidity, sculptures will work too.
  4. Soften the light with a lamp. Adding a table lamp will soften the room and it’s easier to relax in the bath and don’t want a glaring light overhead.
  5. Steal from the rest of the house. That doesn’t mean putting the sofa in there but steal a side table, chair or stool.  Use it to hold a plant, books or even a bottle of wine.
  6. Get a new mirror. The mirror serves as a focal point, change the mirror and it will change the whole dynamic of the bathroom.
  7. Get some flowers. Orchids look beautiful and you can grab one at the grocery store that lasts forever, if orchids aren’t to your taste then try some bamboo instead.
  8. Get a stylish shower curtain. Now is the time to ditch the icky shower liner and brighten up the room with some color.  Change the shower curtain for something new and bright
  9. New bathmat and towels. Since the shower curtain is on the way out throw the bathroom mat out too.  Don’t replace it with the same thing, try something different, try mold resistant wood.
  10. Paint the room. Fresh paint can make your bathroom bigger and brighter, and you can paint the cabinets in most cases too.
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